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GPS. OBD. CAN. Transporter. Car. Truck. Bus.

Modern fleet and operational management must have the technical vehicle data available. Without data. No operation.


"OBIDY" & "SPEEDY" + CAN-Reader?



  • Several systems are available (Similar price range).
  • The system is chosen depending on the planned application.
  • OBD tracker or telematics box with CAN adapter for "deep tech" data.
  • Data sets from approx. 8,000 vehicles + machines are available in the back-end
  • eCall, bCall and Accident/Crash-Alert can all
  • Optionally activatable: GNSS/GPS, Driver Behavior / Driving style evaluation


  • OBIDY³: Attach. Ignition on. Off we go.
  • VIN/FIN, speedometer reading, fuel level, crash sensor.
  • Options:
    1. Per ArealPilot 360° App - Order. Message. Disposition.
    2. Bluetooth low energy: BLE-tags small-device management

Awarded Portal: 1st place Field Service + Service Fleets

German Telematics Prize 2022 + 2018: ETM Verlag | DEKRA Future Congress Commercial Vehicles


Modular design

  • Hundreds of icons for visualization overview
  • Smart POI system, for disvovering "own places"
  • Route for all or single, current day or entire history
  • Geo-Fence & Time-Fence - Travel outside business hours
  • Circles, polygons, validity period
  • Any sensors can be defined: counter, temperature, BLE-tag, battery, tank, limits
  • Roles/rights concept, self admin, user roles, groups
  • Arbitrary organizational structures
  • ETA-live & Update
  • Hundreds of reports, PDF, XLS, CSV, XML, (also automated)

Assignments & tasks, working hours

  • Messaging, destination transfer, chat
  • Digital planning board: PlanBoard
  • Tasks, selectable & plannable, working time reports
  • Verify service level, document waiting times
  • POI/delivery logic, status messages
  • Interfaces to any planning system

Digitalisation + Automation now!


OBIDY³ + ArealPilot 360° App = Flexible telematics & IT solution for all fleets. This means that every fleet is in a focus position on digital change.



Many questions - clear answers

How is the assembly proceeding?

The OBIDY³ can easily be placed on the diagnostic socket. If the socket is in an unfavorable position or protected by a flap, there is a flat adapter available. If it does not fit, it will be customized. 


What about the "Speedy"?

The assembly always takes place at a fixed price, nationwide. Through our framework agreement with a nationwide chain of workshops, (about 600 branches), you can always find a workshop spece nearby. You can always make an appointment. Our trained mechanics will then come to the vehicle locations on the agreed installation date. In terms of costs, both variants are equivalent.

What happens when I change vehicle?

A new vehicle is set up in the portal. The telematics system is removed from the previous vehicle and installed in the new one. The complete history remains available and traceable at any time. This is very important when using an electronic logbook.

Can functions be enhanced later?


Yes, all solutions can be combined with each other and enhanced at any time.  FOTA - Firmware Over The Air. Apps, BLE-Tags and CAN-Readers can be extended later on if required.


Is everything DSGVO-compliant?

Of course. Our solutions are used by large organizations: upper middle class, corporations and under-public-law institutions. Data protection officers as well as works councils or staff councils must be involved in advance and a corresponding order processing agreement must be drawn up.

Can the telematic data be linked to internal IT systems?

Yes, of course. We use an extensive API / interface. Data can be moved back and forth at the highest security level. Implementation takes 2-3 days, for complex order management 7-10 person days maximum. Currently there are standardized connections in the transport logistics sector to TIMOCOM, Agheera / Deutsche Post / DHL, GateHouse/Project44, NIC-Place, Sixfold / Transporeon.

Online Video-/Web-Demo: