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    More customers + commitment!

    just for us ... but how?
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    My idea ...

    ... Connected Car for our customers!
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    ... simply comfort!

    Identify maintenance needs online + suggest dates to customers.
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    Runs great!

    Workshop well booked + customers are delighted!


Immediate effect: customer loyalty with service automation.

Intelligent telematics box with real-time messages of the most important OBD data at manufacturer level. Automated proposal of inspection dates.
Closer to the customer, secure maintenance work, offer online vehicle management and best service.

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» An OBD telematics system that has passed the toughest penetration tests of renowned manufacturers and in the military sector! 
Independent of manufacturer/brand solutions, this system can be used to start a Service 4.0 at OEM level across brands.
The whole world of telematics is open for commercial and utility vehicle fleets: Electronic logbook | DSGVO- and tax office compliant | Live tracking for service dispositions | Digital planning board | Apps for time recording and order management.
The telematics portal is so powerful that long-term digitization strategies are built on it. «



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