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Ingenious: My fleet is GDPR-compliant, modularly connected.

Telematics does not only mean GPS-positioning, but "TELECOMMUNICATIONS + INFORMATION". In other words: being able to read and process technical data from a distance. The modern fleet manager relies on "Connected Car", and has everything under control itself; what data is generated and what is supposed to happen, where and when. Everything via app.

Cut costs | Fleet running | Digitally connected

Arealcontrol systems work in all vehicle types and brands. Cars, trucks, vans, construction, agricultural and forestry machines.

OBD | All Brands + Options

Keeping large fleets under control digitally via app; Performance per kilometer & kilometer statuses as well as live messages on due dates for inspection & maintenance.
Options include an electronic logbook for the entire fleet or just for individual vehicles. It has been recognized by the tax office since 2008. The Driver/passenger ID for pool fleets as well as booking tools simplify the administration process.
All telematics options, including GPS tracking, dispatching and order management are available at the click of a mouse. With us, fleet and IT management merge into a productive system for the optimization of operational processes, which saves you 12-25%.

Start with necessary data and expand as needed. Easy & Fair!

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