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    Machines + Fleet

    Automation through digitalization
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    Construction Management

    Online overview + control
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    Machines + hours

    Automatic recording + reporting.
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    Construction train + transport

    Times, journeys, disposition + communication
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    Devices + Equipment

    Who When What Where? GPS + BLE Tags

Immediate effect: more time, transparency, efficiency and profit.

Modular telematics with GPS tracking and live recording with vehicle and machine data to make your complex project handling much more effective and simple.

Construction + handcraft digital: location, hours, driver's logbook, OBD, CAN-Bus

Plan digitization modularly and expand as needed! We know how and construct pragmatically.


Equipment, containers, instruments

Automatic online acquisition
Driving and standing times, operating hours
Locating, Tracking, Tracing
GeoFencing + TimeFencing + Alarm
Theft and towing detection
Remote speedo data download
"Digital Twin" CAN bus
Maintenance + test dates at a glance


Planning, management, controlling

Transparency at all times 
Simplified coordination 
Secure data acquisition 
Reliable accounting 
Practical controlling 
Precise logistics + disposition
Simplified organization


craftsman, driver, team

Automatic acquisition
Working time, driving time driver + passenger
Electronic logbook /construction site /project
Record activities, report status
Structured chat communication
Images + signature upload
DSGVO- & Fiskus-compliant

Portal: Multiple awards!


»Even the map view provides a lot of information for operational targets. Via mouseover, the current location, status, address, POI, km/h, sensor values, driver, remaining driving time, next break time, active job, degree of completion, routes, ad hoc dispatch, current activity ... for single, several or all vehicles, machines and persons.
Clearly arranged by own group formation, icons, symbols.
In addition, target/actual comparison live visible, status of orders, machine hours. «



  • Intuitively. Overview. Modular. Live. High Availability.
  • Map with positions, status, POI Point of Interest ...
  • Hundreds of icons + symbols for your own visualization
  • availability >99.97% / year!
  • Regular updates every 4-6 weeks.
  • Grows with customer requirements.
  • If something is missing, then we do it!
  • Even the map view provides a lot of details!
  • Speed, overview, transparency, own color codes.
  • GeoFence: Any security zones / virtual fences (GeoFencing)
  • TimeFence: Rides and movements outside business hours
  • Hardware, Apps, Tags: All You Can Fleet!
  • history / vehicle / machine / person
  • Roles + rights, any organizational structures

Telematics Cloud: Modular | Secure | Certified | Online >99.97%

Automation | Integration | Optimization | Simpler | Faster | More effective in construction + handcraft.

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