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Android | Mobile Web Apps | PowerApps

All kinds of Apps


Android has a market share of about 75% and is the main operating system for mobile applications in all industries. 

Inexpensive devices are quickly retrievable and always under control via Mobile Device Management are proof of this.

Native Android Apps

or "real" Apps

are installed as programs or software on mobile devices.

The ArealPilot 360° App is such an app. The download is done directly via our servers (Mobile Device Management).

More Info:  ArealPilot 360° App

Mobile Web Apps

always updated

via a URL link on your mobile device. The advantage is: Complete independence from operating systems and software versions. All you need is a browser and off you go. Android, iOS, Windows, Linux ...


The Arealcontrol logbook App is a mobile Web-App.

Microsoft PowerApps

is just an App


PowerApp from Microsoft:  Downloaded tens of thousands of times for the purpose of digitized business processes.  

PowerApps are used to design front-ends, i.e. the interface or GUI (Graphical User Interface) for a variety of software in business applications. The backend is usually a Microsoft SQL database in Microsoft Azure.

The ArealPilot 360° PowerTMS is designed this way; Extremely flexible, incredibly fast and it runs on all operating systems in your home: Android, iOS, Windows.

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