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    Remote Download Digital Tachograph

    Save time and money!
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    driver card + mass storage

    Fully automatic download of all *.ddd files.
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    Flexibility through automation

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Connect 2 Tacho & get your data realtime

All common types of Tachos: VDO, Stoneridge, also version 4.0. steering & rest periods live.

Get Tacho data directly from the vehicle into the portal - without trouble!

TachoTiTAN" with Live-Tracking & more



  • Fully automatic remote Tacho download
  • Driver card and mass data in the portal
  • Punctual download weekly, monthly, on demand
  • Real mileage, not GPS-measured
  • Company card remains with the company
  • Locating, tracking, speed, stationary and moving times
  • Complete history, overviews
  • Speedo status LIVE via D8 info interface
  • Remaining driving time, next break, start of shift etc.
  • Crash sensor + accident report
  • Compliant *.ddd files for your existing Tacho software


  • FMS data, CAN data
  • BLE tags for trailers, transportable forklifts, pallet trucks, tools
  • Driving behavior, Connected Navigation

Start the digitization + automation now!


TachoTiTAN  + ArealPilot 360° App = Flexible telematics & IT solution for fleets from 3,5to.



Common questions - clear answers

How does the assembly work?

Transportation vehicles are rarely available during the week. We are therefore prepared for on-site installation on Fridays afternoon or Saturdays. 

What does the assembly cost?

The assembly is carried out nationwide at a fixed price, including the travel costs. The mechanics are trained, skilled and qualified for installations on all types of vehicles, from all makes Including Mercedes, MAN, Scania, DAF, Volvo, Iveco, Renault and others.

What happens when I change vehicles?

What happens when I change vehicles?
A new vehicle is created in the portal. The telematics system is removed from the previous vehicle and installed in the new one and connected to the portal. The complete history remains available and can be accessed at any time.

Can functions be upgraded later on?


Yes, all solutions can be combined with each other and upgraded at any time. Often simply by FOTA - Firmware update Over The Air. Apps, BLE tags and CAN readers can be subsequently expanded as required.


Does the business card remain with the company?

Sure! You will receive a "SmartHub" which only needs electricity + internet. The company card is inserted into the card reader and off you go. Many providers need the company card because they cannot authenticate the card remotely in the vehicles.

Can the previous Tacho software still be used?

Yes, of course. All ddd files are compatible and named with the usual naming convention. Individual or zip files can be downloaded and saved in the usual directory for reporting. This ensures that the history is preserved throughout.