and trailer location


Which trailer is attached to which vehicle? Avoid damages and mistakes. Make sure the right trailer arrives. Track, account, verify and optimize the "mobile warehouse". If the trailers are used as "extended storage" for gaseous, liquid and bulk materials, the tracking systems are the basis for billing, optimization and improvements.


Intelligent trackers

adjusted cleverly

  • Locating while standing - 1x daily
  • Tracking of power and vibration - 1x per minute
  • Tracking or locating in case of vibration without power supply every 60-120 minutes.
  • Trailers already equipped with OEM telematics can usually be connected and integrated.
  • Extras: temperature and door sensors, various I/O
  • The portal provides reports, alarms, geo-fence, time-fence, battery status as well as a complete tracking of tracks and evaluations at logbook level

Supply Chain | Trailer + Carrier | Optimize Capacities

1000 "Assets" x factor 1.2 faster turnover due to shorter service life = 20% higher capacity. Capisci?

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