RTS Wind AG | Bremen | Team 4.0

Electronic driver's logbook + more

Tax + GDPR compliant

RTS Wind AG from Bremen started with the electronic driver's logbook for the entire fleet via OBIDY, the OBD tracker. Simple, fast, no installation necessary, were the arguments for it.

More was already planned for the future.
Keyword: digitalization and automation.

Mobile time recording

had to be reorganized in accordance with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruling of May 2019.

For this purpose, it should be possible to record company-specific activities in order to gain deeper insights for optimal team deployment. 

In addition, chat communication should be possible for short coordination with the internal dispatch team.

The requirement is that the data should be available directly in the head office for disposition, accounting and human resources.

ArealPilot 360° App @ Android

on Samsung XCover 4s

fulfilled all requirements. Flexible app with all desired functions, easily expandable and synchronized with the portal.

The smartphone is made for wind & weather, but also easy to carry in dizzy heights.

Today, the "4.0" teams are prepared for further requirements, which are already in the planning stage. The story continues ...  at RTS Wind AG

Microsoft & Arealcontrol Reference Video

Heinz Zonsius GmbH, Mannheim relies on ArealPilot 360° PowerTMS & telematics

In January 2016 the film was professionally shot and published on location. 2min ... is worth it. Since then, telematics, apps and TMS have been continuously developed and the solution is more up-to-date than ever - work where you want! Many new functions and interfaces were added. This helps to avoid transmission errors and to better use working time.