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Equipment, machines, special constructions: OEM-Service 4.0

Online monitoring of plants, machines and special vehicles has been realized, but customers and users want to have all their own objects cross-branded in one platform for the optimization of operational processes ...

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A quick start into the "connected X" business: Your own IoT|Telematics portal with power and performance as a "private label" - your logo & your website.
Software development on an industrial level takes years. In practice, purely proprietary approaches do not meet the users' requirements for a holistic solution. The users want to find all their movables, processes, procedures in one platform and a few apps. The entire world of Telematics & IoT is available to your end users.
The performance of the telematics portal has been successfully proven in very specific projects with over 250 million measurements per day.
A workshop with PoC (Proof of Concept) will provide the necessary insights.



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