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Permanent effect: Transport|Logisticians in the fast lane!

Simplifying complex requirements for everyone. Faster and better than the competition. Arealcontrol customers benefit from modular telematics, TMS & IoT and intelligent combination of available standard systems.

Telematics | TMS | IoT | Cloud | 360°

Arealcontrol systems run in all vehicle types and brands. Cars, trucks, vans, construction, agricultural and forestry machines. IoT-Devices, BLE-Tags, RFID-Tags with optional sensors + Portal-Intelligence with API delivers reports, data, evaluations, etc

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Complex tasks digital + automated + reliable. Arealcontrol & ArealPilot components help reliably. Transport Management System with Microsoft Azure SQL backend, MiddleWare for network/API connectivity in logistics networks, PowerTMS with PowerApps as well as cross-brand and integrated telematics solutions for transport|logistics companies. From unlimited tracking of vehicles, trailers, trailers, temperature sensors, BLE and RFID tags, live speedo data, driving and rest times, fully automated remote speedo download to process and questionnaire controlled app in order management including images, signatures, document exchange and status messages, everything is available for an economical, modular IT/IoT/telematics strategy. Highlight: Auto-Dispatcher, the automatic disposition of all orders over heterogeneous vehicle fleets! 
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