Exemplary customers and applications

Since years over the planet and in all business fields ...

Extract of customer references


AUDI AG Ingolstadt: Marketing Events, USA, Europe Live-Tracking on offizielle AUDI websites. New-York - Los Angeles 2008, Norway - Italy 2012, Quattro Alps Tour 2015

BMW Dreierflotte: Rallye Allgäu – Amman / Jordanien, 2010, 2012

Banks: vehicles, people, security applications

VDKF German Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association: specialized companies Framework agreement for approx. 1000 companies   

Raiffeisen Group: Machine running times, accounting for rental machines

Publishing group: 900 employees, 500,000 customers: Sales Controlling, Documenting Customer Visits in CRM"

Industry leader in vehicle logistics: Driver logbook solution with driver ID, POI/customer documentation, dispo, 200 vehicles, electronic driver logbook for nationwide pool fleet

Transport/logistics company: with 20-80 vehicles, complete IT/telematics with remote tacho data download (RTDL)

Technical service companies: 400+ vehicles, mobile order management with CRM/ticket system connection


Towing services, 3 to 18 vehicles (emergency disposition) 
Elevator services, 11-20 service teams (emergency dispatching) 
Bakery group, 17 vehicles (delivery tours, control) 
Construction company, 78 vehicles (logbook, tax office approved!)
Bus/passenger transport, 250 vehicles (disposition, working time) 
Computer service, 14 vehicles (emergency disposition, logbook) 
Roofing master craftsman, 8 vehicles (working time recording)  
Electrical master craftsmen, 13 vehicles, (disposition, logbook) 
Forestry and agricultural business, 15 vehicles (theft, operating time) 
Window construction company, 12 vehicles (daily reports, accounting) 
Green and landscape conservation, 30-80 vehicles (geo area calculation) 
Building cleaning, Facility Mgmt., 5-120 vehicles (daily reports) 
Industry & assembly service, 5-12 vehicles (dispatch, logbook) 
heating, ventilation, sanitary master craftsmen, 3-22 vehicles 
Refrigeration + air conditioning company, 5 - 110 vehicles 
Crane+retrieval company, 15 cranes (theft, time recording) 
Courier services, 3-15 vehicles 
Agricultural cooperative, 110 vehicles (logbook, working time)
Food trade, 3 to X vehicles (loading space monitoring) 
Mobile care services, 12-60 vehicles 
Security + security service provider (personnel + vehicle operations management) 
Forwarding, logistics, transport (dispatch, theft, ArealPilot 360° App, ArealPilot 360° PowerTMS), remote speedo download
Cab service, 17 vehicles (locating, dispatching)
Publishing group, field service, 100+ vehicles (logbook + CRM connection!) 
Winter services, sweeping (route documentation, accounting) 
Clubs, vehicles, electronic logbook
Wind turbine maintenance service, disposition, working hours, logbook
Yacht owner (theft, SOS)
Registration services & service, 20-250 vehicles (electronic logbook, working time)