Overview: Telematics Hardware & Equipment

Telematics Hardware for all purposes.

Vehicles, machines and electricity-free goods such as containers, loading equipment, tools, equipment can be mapped in the telematics portal. 

Goal, purpose and strategy determine the hardware selection. As a rule, extensions can be made modularly by means of updates.

All telematics systems offer GPS location, vibration sensors, I / O connections as well as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capability, GeoFencing (virtual fences), TimeFencing and unlimited track layout with corresponding reports in the portal.

Special hardware and OEM systems can be integrated within a short time, e.g. systems for locomotives and special vehicles.

Industry-specific IoT solutions with their own portals for controlling and monitoring machines, systems, building technology and more can be integrated event-driven, e.g. as an IoT service order with subsequent automatic disposition and mobile order dispatch to service personnel.

Tested components: 2.000.000+ in use worldwide.

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