No Compromises in Locating | Tracking

In 2012, a Swiss mechanical engineering company changed its business model to Pay per use instead of just selling. That lead to worldwide success through locating + event tracking.

As a fleet operator, real control is essential for sustainable success. Locating + Tracking has been our core competence for decades.


GPS tracking systems for all demands

Vehicles via OBD tracker or telematics box with fixed installation?


Application decides the case

  • OBD trackers are nonsense for theft protection.
  • Fixed and hidden systems are the better choice. 
  • Arealcontrol GPS trackers are designed for all applications; IP67-68 protected housing.


  • SPEEDY: Small, affordable, reliable.  
  • Features: CAN reader, NFC reader, I/O
  • It has been meeting all typical requirements for years
  • Construction and agricultural machinery, trucks, cars, vans, luxury vehicles such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, AMG, McLaren

Knowledge comforts you

Assumptions are irritating

  • Continuous tracking, towing, theft alarm
  • Jamming detection, immobiliser function option
  • Available options: temperature, door sensors, various I/O
  • The portal provides reports, alarms, geo-fence, time-fence, battery status as well as complete tracking lanes and evaluations at logbook level

Increase productivity | Increase efficiency | More flexibility

Are you still taking notes or can we continue?

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