Top-Down Concept

from the company

Many companies involved in "mobile production" are yet unaware of what really happens out there, in the field. We suggest to first equip all more valuable mobile assets such as vehicles, machines, trailers, trucks, tools, measuring instruments and load carriers with a locating / tracking systems - of course DSGVO-compliant. The disposition as well as the accounting are considerably simplified and partly automated.


Details on Machinery & Vehicles

Next, we dive into the depths of vehicle and machine technology with the appropriate OBD & CAN readers. The data can be evaluated in the portal and used for further processes.


Concentration & Focus

Avoid data graveyards

Recommendation: A great amount of data is optionally and automatically available through the telematics system. Whether it makes sense to read, process and store it depends on the available experts in the company. The Pareto rule or 80:20 rule also applies here: With 20% effort, 80% of the target is reached. The company is often better served if the core business is well organized. Does the last rotation speed play a role then ...?