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Automated: Logbook | Visits | Timetables

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The electronic logbook is a basis for the optimization, digitalization and automation of operational processes.

Visits are automatically documented: arrival and departure time, km distance, length of stay. 
In parallel, fleet management is digitally supported. Km statuses, degree of utilization, accidents, history.

Ideal extension: The ArealPilot 360° App for Android with PlanBoard in the portal for mobile order management.

Intelligent Standard System

  • GPS positioning & tracking in business mode incl. km distance
  • In private mode: NO GPS coordinates, but the km distance
  • Logbook maintenance: via "Mobile Web-App" on the smartphone
  • Switch: Private / business via touch button in "Mobile Web-App
  • Meets the requirements of the tax authorities
  • Non-manipulable, complete, detailed and timely*
  • * Promptly: Within seven calendar days, the journey should normally be confirmed by the driving personnel.
  • Option I: BLE tag tool + equipment tracking (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Option II: Technical data of the vehicle in real time



Successfully deployed in 400+ fleets in the EU

Arealcontrol's electronic logbooks meet all requirements in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and more.



Intelligent OBD solution for cost-minimized rollouts - plug & play

  • Fastest possible rollout through Plug & Play
  • Cost-effective, yet meets compliance
  • Permanent allocation of driving personnel or Booking tool for pool vehicles
  • Business / private drive Switching via touch button
  • No coordinates in private mode, but km distance
  • SUPER: Mobile Web-App for logbook maintenance & booking
  • DSGVO: Driving personnel only have access to their own journeys of the used vehicles
  • Manipulation protection & alarm, history in the portal + log files & reports
  • Recognized by tax authorities after tax audits
  • Driving personnel administration: login + e-mail, no chip handling
  • Most effective solution with many options: BLE/Tracking, OBD data

If OBD is not enough: "Speedy" | A System for fixed installation

Fixed installation + NFC reader

  • Speedy available for fixed installation at a fixed price throughout Germany.
    (except on the islands)
  • NFC reader + NFC chips for driver & passenger IDs
  • Time recording: driver, passengers and by location of use
  • DSGVO-compliant: Privacy switch - km yes, location no!
  • Accident-/Crash-Sensor
  • Multiple input/output, status
  • Option: CAN bus, driver's license control via NFC adhesive
  • Application areas: vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery

tax authorities | data protection | works council

Declaration of conformity | order processing | company agreement


Tax authorities: We will gladly provide a declaration of conformity as the manufacturer. In the last 12 years of electronic driver's logbook (eFB), all properly managed eFB have been recognized.

DSGVO: Our customers range from first-class companies, cooperatives to public corporations and more. A compliant agreement on order processing is mandatory.

Works council + staff council: We are aware of all the relevant company agreements. We are happy to assist you with our experience.

Nr.1 German Telematics Prize 2024 | Portal | Comfort | Performance | Intelligent | Compliance

High Performance for any fleet size. No.1 for Car Service Fleets + “Field Service”. German Telematics Prize 2018, 2022 + 2024 | DEKRA | ETM Publishing

Electronic logbooks by AREALCONTROL are modularly designed for digitalization + expandable!

Generic IT Design - Modules can be combined in any combination for in-house requirements + strategies

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