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    The Bot-Dispatcher 24/7 Active: Swarm Logistics!


Logistics & Disposition: Rethinking | Smart Swarms.

"Get Ready For The Bot Economy!"

Swarm Logistics for G.max!


A newly developed algorithm with sensational results!

No! It is not just a route and tour planning system, but an order processing planning system that thinks completely innovative and new!
Mathematics + Game Theory x Chaos Theory => Swarm Logistics & Intelligence

Schedule orders automatically in heterogeneous fleets to maximize results! Restrictions, time, legal, and geographical factors ... are taken into account.

All You Can Fleet!


Costs reduced in %
Faster conversion in %
Savings/trucks/month in €
With 30 trucks per year in €

Fleet & Team Dispatching

Disposition with Artificial Intelligence: AUTO-DISPATCHER

Artificial intelligence is the key technology of the future.

The Auto-Dispatcher is a proprietary product developed and feature within our TMS / PlanBoard.  It ensures a fully automated dispatching and scheduling of fleets. With one click of the mouse and a few minutes you will be able to receive a completed fleet tour plan and detailed route guidance for all your vehicles.

Available Features

  • Round trips, multiple pick-up and delivery, line haul
  • Disposition, fleet and vehicle tour planning and detailed route guidance for all vehicles
  • Freight transport, passenger transport, service fleets
  • Last Mile, long-distance transport, general cargo, full and part load
  • Time frames, e.g. opening and ramp times, payload, volume calculations of the optimal amount of vehicles for the daily disposition
  • Special transports, e.g. lifting platforms, truck-mounted forklifts, cranes
  • Truck map material, and truck toll calculation Germany
  • Driving and rest periods of drivers
  • 2 man crews can be arranged 
  • Different loading and unloading periods or time and cost of stops 
  • Calculation of ETA, estimated time of arrival
  • Calculation of the cost of each individual tour 
  • Cost minimization in the disposition instead of shortest/fastest distance 
  • Illustration of heterogeneous vehicles, e.g. 1.5t and 40t and volume / payload with different cost structures
  • Freight freely definable, such as volume, payload, dangerous goods, stackable etc.

Online Video-/Web-Demo: