Depending on value: GPS tracker with own SIM card or via BLE tags

"Secure" tools, accessories, measuring equipment, portable forklifts, pallet trucks, laptops, construction machinery accessories, containers, vibratory plates, swap bodies, load carriers, tool cubes or compressors with the Self-sufficient asset trackers with accumulator/battery or with BLE-tags. Always have an overview. The vehicles with OBIDY, SPEEDY or TachoTiTAN serve as a gateway for the communication of the BLE tags (Bluetooth Low Energy, any smartphone is able to).


Portal Intelligence

recognizes delivered or seen

  • Asset Tracker with GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO etc.)

  • Optional: BLE tags can  be activated with sensors: temperature, humidity, lux, air pressure, fall, vibration


    Tracking of containers over the sea is also possible. (Live incl. ETA to the port.)

BLE Tags + Sensors

Diversity for every need

Device IDs with sensors for temperature, vibration, drop, air humidity, air pressure, lux/light, magnet and input/output connection are available optionally.

Distances: 100 - 500 meters
Duration: 2 - 20 years

Tip: Reconsider your business model!

Online Video-/Web-Demo: