Dream fulfilled, but

over 10.000 boats are stolen in Europe every year. Against theft: The GPS tracker was especially designed to be installed in humid and harsh environments. It is equipped with an IP67 protection class as well as with internal high-performance GNSS and GSM antennas. The powerful backup battery lasts up to 6 days and can be mounted in a protected location. It is suitable for on-board power supplies from 6 to 30V.

Queries and alarms are possible via SMS. Maintenance and updates are available at any time via the maintenance server.

Tracking & GeoFence


Is the co-financed charter yacht still standing ashore or is it already touring? Is she in her home port or ...


  • Receivable number of satellites: 33
  • Roaming in all mobile networks
  • Lithium-ion battery with 1800mAH
  • Demand requests via SMS: position + battery
  • Live on the portal: Battery voltage + battery charge


Transparency & Security


Optimal customer service. Many charter customers may have the bucks, but as so often, appearances are deceptive. Inexperience quickly brings uncertainty and therefore danger for the equipment and the crew. Locating, tracking and reporting ensures security. Since 2008 we equip yachts and boats all over Europe.


Outboard engines

popular amongst many


The small special GPS trackers are activated when the engine starts, after a resting period and help with the reconnaissance. There is also an alarm implemented. More info only upon request. We don't want to give anything away to the thieves. Keywords:


  • Port & Area Surveillance
  • Zone alarm
  • Tracking

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