Mysteries always happen

during disposition & accounting,

but not with us. We always know where the machines are located and if they are in use. Also who is operating them and the hours of operation. This is enough for us at the moment.

But soon our site managers will do the scheduling themselves. Simply request or release them via app.

Tracking GPS + Operating hours

for drivers via NFC chip

The "Speedy" system + NFC reader can be installed in no time. I/O inputs are standard. CAN-Readers for CAN bus data can be upgraded or added immediately.

With the help of the portal POI logic (construction project, point of interest) we can track the hours / construction projects - at the push of a button!

Equipment & gear

travels via BLE tag

All vehicles serve as "Gateway" for BLE tags: Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons/Tags. The portal system logic recognizes who took, delivered or picked up which equipment and when. Permanent inventory - automated. Small equipment management - via GPS tracker + BLE tags.

Hours per construction project are also available with a mouse click in the form of Excel, PDF, CSV or API/interface.

Auxiliary & crane operation

...we also simply it pick up

The " Speedy " system offers enough inputs to easily detect 3-4 "sensors". Be it hour meters or conditions, such as "sign up/down" in winter service etc.

The vehicle flags and tracking tracks are then displayed in different colors in the portal - top overview. The sensor values are directly visible on mouseover or in the fleet overview. Made pretty cool!

Automatic Tacho data

in-portal download + live steering and off-duty times

The downloading and archiving of the Tacho data is completely automatic. Plus, the company card remains within the organization. 

Never read out the Tacho data manually again! Plus you keep track of what was transported, how long it took and how much running time is left. Today, this week and within a 2-week limit. 

Automation - more time for essential things!

Online Video-/Web-Demo: