Jobs & Positions

Exciting, intensive & diverse

Business administration, office management (m/f)

  • Back Office
  • General Administration
  • Commercial administration
  • Internal sales 
  • Management assistance
Shaping inovative IT/cloud solutions...

IT Specialist Application Development (m/f)

  • App and software development for ERP, CRM, TMS (Transport Management System) in close collaboration with the telematics team
    Cloud based solutions 
  • Android Apps
  • Microsoft Windows, Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure, SQL, PowerApps
Always in the lead & most advanced tools

IT Systems Management Assistant (m/f)

  • Customer support
  • System configuration
  • Consulting, by telephone and remote support
  • Training, new customers and users
  • App and software testing
Numbers, data, facts under control

Financial accounting (m/f/d)

  • Traditional financial accounting
  • Bank, cash desk, credit cards
  • Suppliers, Customers, OP, Kredi, Debi
  • Option: personnel, assets + balance sheet
  • Cooperation GF, StB, RAe
  • Part time, full time, very flexible