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Simple | Precise | Time Management

3 variants - depending on the operation

Organization and daily workflow: There are 3 solutions are available.


Certainly expandable and combinable.

1 person = 1 vehicle

Digital driver's logbook


The departure from home to the company or to the first assignment-location is considered as "way to work". This time is recognized either as working time or  as a personal "way to work" time slot. Traveling directly to the place of assignment is also considered as working time. The same applies in the evening in reverse order.



Multiple passengers

per vehicle


Telematics system with NFC reader. 1 chip per head. The first chip after ignition is on = driver. All other passengers. When switching construction sites, the system can also be used as a "stationary mobile" system.


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Record operations?

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If operations such as driving, maintenance, breaks, equipping, work etc. are necessary, then the ArealPilot 360° App is the right choice for you. The users simply log in, and the App starts the time tracking. Once logged out, it ends. DSGVO compliant. The hour recordings are displayed precisely in the portal and the reports are available in Excel/CSV format. Emergency assignments can be scheduled directly via chat with target handover. Option: Digital PlanBoard.


 Solution: ArealPilot 360° App for Android  

Link to the App in Google PlayStore - enjoy right now!

The Portal, live at hand

provides security

and spontaneous disposition in emergencies. Operations, totals, duration are available live. Optimal control + disposition.


ArealPilot 360° App, automatically synchronized

Bestseller: OBD-Tracker eDiary + ArealPilot 360° App

OBIDY also allows tracking of expensive tools and equipment - BLE-Tag is sufficient.

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