Without Tractors there is No Feed...

so they have to run perfectly...

That's why filters need to be changed regularly. We know where and how long the tractors have been in use and are currently in use, optionally who is operating them and for how many hours. If the tractor automatically records the operating hours via telematics and GPS tracking and reports the need for maintenance in the app, there is more time for more important things.


GPS Tracking + Geofencing

for security against theft

Fence tractors and agricultural machinery using geofencing. Area monitoring. As soon as the area is left, the portal sends an alarm to any number of recipients via email and SMS. Geofencing can also be used to record time: how long and how often a certain machine was in this area. Agriculture must be incredibly productive and efficient. Time analyses help with this.


Equipment and Accessories

tracked via BLE tag

Child's play asset tracking: All vehicles serve as a "gateway" for BLE tags: Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons/Tags. The portal logic recognizes who took, dropped off or picked up which equipment and when and when it was last seen. Permanent inventory - automated. Small device management - ​​via GPS tracker + BLE tags.

Hours per "geofence" are also available at the click of a mouse as Excel, PDF, CSV or API/interface.

Auxiliary Engines and Crane Operation

we also simply grab

The telematics system offers enough inputs to record 3-4 operating modes. Be it hour counters or states such as "signing in/out" in winter service, etc. This allows operations to be clearly documented and there are no problems with billing.

The vehicle flags and tracking tracks in the portal are then displayed in different colors - very clear. Modern online!

Intelligent Systems

Theft, Jamming, Towing Detection

via the internal device logic. The systems detect when the GPS positions change without ignition or when someone tries to manipulate them with a jammer.

An alarm is immediately triggered and information is sent to all stored receivers.

Sleep more soundly,
because the "e-watchdog" never sleeps!

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