Deep insights into electric vehicles online: charge status, range

OEM quality telematics and vehicle diagnostics for charging, energy and fleet management.

Connected electric vehicles with OBD/CAN data open up new business models.

Electric vehicles are on the rise. All traditional vehicle manufacturers now offer a wide selection, which is also noticeable in the commercial fleet and fleet management sector.

AREALCONTROL GmbH, which specializes in telematics solutions for end users, has recently integrated e-vehicles into its telematics program. The telematics system provides the real vehicle data such as mileage, charging status, charging time, remaining range, battery status and optionally about 120 other parameters from e-vehicles of all sizes, makes and models. Vehicles from the manufacturer TESLA such as Model S and Model 3 are also integrated.

On the one hand, the area of application is the mixed fleet of the fleet operators who want to use corresponding telematics services for their own corporate objectives such as customer service, dispatching, planning and automated billing. On the other hand, the solution is also highly interesting for energy and charging management. For power producers in particular, the cross-brand solution opens up new ideas for innovative business models.

The intelligent telematics box provides original diagnostic data from the vehicle that can be adapted remotely for various applications. The parameters can be extended to a "digital twin" at data level. Classic vehicle locating and tracking can be switched on. In combination with the AREALCONTROL web portal, a tax office and DSGVO compliant electronic logbook is guaranteed. The fully remote configurable solution can be customized according to the specific application. Both, fleets that do not require location data but need the technical data of the vehicles as well as fleets requiring an electronic driver's logbook with GPS location for operations management and dispatching are in focus.

Vehicle fleet service providers such as car dealerships, leasing and rental companies can limit the system to technical data in order to digitize their own services. This includes key data such as fuel and energy consumption, mileage, maintenance and inspection intervals, tank and charge levels, battery status, fluid levels and error messages. Bookings for maintenance appointments, vehicle availability or invoicing according to mileage, over- or under-mileage are made on the basis of this data which is transferred directly to other systems via an API, in real time .

The Arealcontrol solution portfolio ranges from automated time and performance records per vehicle, personnel deployment and location, as well as electronic driver logbooks for pool fleets, solution packages consisting of apps, OEM diagnostic data retrieved via CANbus, remote tachometer download, transport management systems and industry-specific ERP system connections.


Telematik-Lösungen für Elektro-Fahrzeuge