An Efficient Field Service

is the key to company success!

With our ArealPilot 360° App, we are revolutionizing the workflow of your field staff.

➡️ Our flexible and extremely fast app supports field service and “field service” in many industries. Process and workflow changes are automatically pushed to the apps via portal updates!

➡️ The ArealPilot 360° app optimizes real-time order management through automatic status updates. It seamlessly integrates addresses and destination transfers into navigation systems and improves route planning for cars and trucks.

➡️ Exact reporting of trips, electronic logbooks and route reports make compliance with regulations easier and increase efficiency.

➡️ Customer visits and orders are evaluated digitally - no paperwork! Recorded times are recorded and billed to the minute. The combination of location and position tracking improves order planning, enables assignment without time-consuming telephone calls and provides clear evidence of greater transparency and protection against misuse.

➡️ Our sophisticated apps already cover industries such as service & services, transport & logistics, construction & crafts. You decide which data you want to capture in your digitalization solution.

Increasing work productivity through our solutions can also sustainably improve the customer experience. Arrival times ("ETA") are communicated to the customer and he can plan his day.

If you have mobile employees in the field, our telematics solution is the perfect tracking and digitization solution!

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