How loading capacities can be increased by 20-30%

A lack of transparency in the supply chain costs money, the environment, effort, handling! How stupid is that when load carriers are regularly ordered, but they are still offline?

Rely on effective IoT solutions! 💪

Particularly through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags or beacons, which enable real-time tracking, you can reduce the number of load carriers through higher turnover speeds. 👏

Rely on:

➡️ Real-time tracking of load carriers: With BLE tags or beacons on load carriers, you have everything in view - location and progress are precisely determined, which identifies bottlenecks and delays. In this way, the throughput can be accelerated and the handling speed increased.

➡️ Automated inventory management: With IoT-capable sensors and BLE tags, you can record the need for load carriers in real time and avoid bottlenecks or overstocks.

➡️ Efficient route planning: You can optimize your route planning with the help of real-time tracking data. By analyzing movement patterns and times, more efficient ways can be found to reduce transport time.

➡️ Bottleneck detection and optimization: Real-time tracking data helps your company to identify bottlenecks and bottlenecks in internal logistics. By monitoring the movements of the load carriers, potential bottlenecks are identified and avoided at an early stage.

Optimizing together: AREALCONTROL helps you to take your logistics to the next level! 🤝

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