What does fleet management software do?

It doesn't matter whether it's a service company, forwarding agency, taxi service, craft business or outpatient care service - they all usually have a fleet of vehicles that need to be optimally planned, managed, monitored and controlled.

Most companies use a fleet manager for this task, who takes care of the tasks that arise, e.g. B. takes over the route planning, the vehicle location and the administration of the logbooks. While it used to be common practice for fleet managers to use complicated Excel spreadsheets, many now rely on modern fleet management software. But what exactly does this do?

Fleet manager software: simple, uncomplicated, digital
If you want to manage a vehicle fleet, you have to deal with a large amount of data. Fleet manager software supports those responsible in managing and controlling the company's fleet - simple, uncomplicated and usually completely digital. For example, GPS systems record paths and routes so that fleet management can analyze and evaluate driving behavior, routes, fuel consumption and much more. The data determined can be used to optimize work processes. Special software not only supports the recording of the various parameters, but also their evaluation.

Fleet software can be used in a variety of ways
Modern fleet software can be used for a variety of tasks, such as

Fleet Management

Good fleet software makes fleet management much easier. For example, digital vehicle files containing the purchase or leasing contracts, car insurance, maintenance work, etc. for each vehicle can be created.

In addition, fuel receipts and invoices can easily be uploaded to the system, costs can be assigned to individual journeys and routes, or cost statistics can be generated.

In addition, fleet managers can use a booking module to assign vehicles to employees (pool vehicles). The topic of digital driving license control is also an important topic here, which can be covered using the software by attaching chips to the driver's licenses of the employees.

Vehicle Tracking

A modern fleet management software is GPS-based. As a result, the system can not only document the routes and routes driven, but also determine the current location of the vehicles. In the transport sector, companies can thus provide their customers with precise information about arrival times, but loading processes can also be optimized if information is available as to when a vehicle will arrive at the loading location.

In addition, fleet management software also plays an important role in anti-theft protection. Not only can the location of a vehicle be determined, but – if included in the software scope – an alarm can also be triggered if a vehicle is moved during idle times.

Route Planning

Fleet management systems usually also record details such as speed, driving behavior and fuel consumption. This information can help to better plan future routes. This optimizes travel times and saves costs.

By linking it to the latest navigation systems, the software can also support route planning while driving by adapting routes to current traffic conditions and changing the order of orders if necessary.

Log Keeping

Keeping logbooks is a tedious undertaking and often gives rise to complaints during tax audits. Good fleet management software should therefore also include this function. Trips can be recorded in a time-saving manner, and the data can be used for optimal control of the fleet vehicle.

Digital Fleet Management: easier than ever

In addition to the above-mentioned possible uses of fleet software, a range of other data can also be digitally networked with one another; comprehensive analyzes and reports can be generated automatically. Confusing Excel spreadsheet collections are a thing of the past. This saves time and relieves fleet management. In addition, other departments of the company can also access the data as users.

Arealcontrol: Fleet management software for every fleet

No two fleets are the same: That's why "one size fits all" does not apply to the Arealcontrol software. We offer digital, modular solutions for fleet management that address different needs and vehicle types. Arealcontrol's fleet management software offers a high degree of configurability and can organize, control and efficiently manage any fleet, whether cars, trucks, vans, construction, agricultural or forestry machines. See for yourself!