Increased Efficiency and Competitive Advantages with Telematics

Digitalization is progressing and telematics is an important building block for digital transformation because it offers numerous advantages.

One of the main components of telematics is the real-time monitoring of vehicles, machines or other equipment. Using GPS/GNSS technology and sensors, the location, condition and performance of these assets can be documented in real time. This transparency makes it possible to better plan resources, optimize routes and thus reduce operating costs. Real-time status in the telematics portal can prevent major consequential damage. This includes vehicle and machine parameters as well as deviations from the planned execution of the order.

Tour Optimization and Route Planning

The telematics data enables precise route planning that minimizes delays. In the event of an emergency/operation dispatch, the nearest team can be informed immediately. This is a competitive advantage for many companies in the craft and service sectors, as the end customer can be quickly provided with precise information.

The “supreme discipline” of telematics is AI-supported tour and route optimization, which automatically creates a deployment plan taking all restrictions into account and sends it directly to the specialists’ apps. Several practical studies by Arealcontrol based on real fleets that already use telematics revealed savings potential of 20 to over 30 percent. This not only saved time, but also significant mileage, fuel and, as a result, the corresponding wear and tear costs on the vehicles. The efficiency of fleet management increases significantly and at the same time customer satisfaction increases through better transparency.

Competitive Advantages Thanks to Telematics

By tracking deliveries and orders in real time, companies can provide their customers with accurate delivery times or arrival times and minimize delays. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. Keyword: “Supply Chain Visibility”. In the service sector, the topic of “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)” can be even more explosive. Everyone knows how they feel when technology service is announced between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Telematics solutions not only ensure more efficient use of resources, but also contribute to environmental protection. By optimizing routes, there is no sacrifice of mobility or services, but simply fewer kilometers are required. By saving on the use of vehicles, the ecological footprint is reduced. This is not only a positive contribution to environmental protection, but can also be used for marketing to differentiate yourself from competitors. From 2024, companies of certain sizes will have to provide CSRD reporting, which will also be decisive for financing requests. In Scope 1, the emissions from your own fleet must also be taken into account. The necessary data for the reports can be made available online via telematics, which does not require GPS/GNSS data. Conclusion: Telematics can be seen as the key to success, especially for companies that provide sales and services via field services.

Telematics is now an indispensable technology for many medium-sized companies to increase and maintain efficiency and competitiveness. Companies that use telematics solutions benefit from better control of their resources, more efficient route planning and higher customer satisfaction. In addition, they set an example for sustainability and environmental protection, which is well received by both customers and the public.

Look carefully before buying

With over 1,500 companies in Germany that can be found using the keyword “telematics”, the range of options and competencies must be checked before placing the first order. Many providers are retailers or small companies with their own label, but without their own highly qualified IT expertise. These providers are unlikely to be considered as partners in a digitalization and automation strategy. A characteristic for qualified telematics service providers (TSP) is when telematics and order/workforce management with apps as well as the connection to the ERP/CRM systems are offered from a single source.

As the winner of the German Telematics Prize 2024, we can certainly provide comprehensive advice and offer individual solutions. The prize is awarded under the scientific leadership of the DHBW Ravensburg / Friedrichshafen in a multi-stage examination process by the ETM publishing house at the DEKRA Future Congress for Commercial Vehicles. A highly qualified environment in which not every provider can assert themselves and have a say.

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