Transport Logistics 2023

After four years, the trade fair is finally live again in Munich and it almost feels like a family reunion. Long-term partnerships are evolving and supply chains are becoming more transparent.

The Transport Logistik trade fair in Munich took place live for the first time since 2019. It almost feels like a family reunion when the collaboration has been going on for over a decade. AREALCONTROL GmbH has been part of the tracking tool of Europe's largest freight exchange #tctrack at TIMOCOM right from the start.

The Supply Chain Visibility Extensions are really exciting!

Optimal transport logistics is particularly dependent on digitization, telematics, IoT and apps with a data flow that is free of media breaks. Robust and proven interfaces are essential to keep shippers, shippers, carriers and recipients up to date in real time. This saves a number of telephone calls, e-mails and thus unnecessary time and work.

The AREALCONTROL telematics platform, hosted in the "private cloud", offers all the functionalities required for modern transport management.
These include in detail:

  • Truck telematics with live transmission of driving/rest/shift times (D8) as well as fully automatic remote tachometer download (RTDL), driver card and mass data.
  • GPS positioning and tracking including trace documentation
  • FMS/CAN data for fleet management with "machine learning", a sub-area of artificial intelligence
  • Interfaces via REST/API to all leading supply chain visibility platforms including freight exchanges
  • XML/web services for the comprehensive connection of the transport management systems
  • App ArealPilot 360° @ Android for dedicated, freely defined processes in order and activity management ("mobile workforce management") including live status, images, document exchange, messaging & chat as well as feedback on irregularities and disruptions. Depending on the hardware, also with barcode scanning.
  • Digital PlanBoard for disposition and route/tour planning
  • Automated scheduling with optimal route/tour planning
  • Co-tracking of tools, accessories, transportable forklifts, containers, trailers and trailers via BLE tags/beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Trailer, trailer tracking including track tracking and optionally with temperature monitoring
  • Self-sufficient container location using asset trackers with terms of up to two years.

These comprehensive possibilities can, but do not have to be realized, introduced and implemented in one step. A plan with gradual introduction and thus the realization of a digitization strategy makes more sense. Keyword "Pareto principle" or also known as the "80:20 rule".

Subsidies and funding according to DE-minimis Germany-wide as well as digitization programs, depending on the federal state, are possible for all components.

Find out more personally, simply call or request a contact form or a callback. We would be happy to advise you and make our expertise available.


[Translate to English:] Andrea Di Domizio (TIMOCOM), Ulric Rechtsteiner (AREALCONTROL)