Telematics is more than just Technology

– it is the answer to the challenges of the future! To ensure that your company doesn’t fall by the wayside, we offer you crucial advantages.

🔍 Real-time monitoring for maximum control

With GPS/GNSS and intelligent sensors, you always have an overview of the location, condition and performance of vehicles, machines and equipment. The result? Improved resource planning, optimized routes and lower operating costs. Real-time updates in the telematics portal immediately show vehicle and machine parameters as well as deviations - for damage prevention.

🚘 Tour optimization and route planning for maximum efficiency 

Thanks to precise route planning with telematics data, delays are a thing of the past. In emergencies, the nearest team is informed quickly - a competitive advantage, especially in trades and service. Our AI-supported tour and route optimization? A champion with up to 30% savings potential that increases efficiency and increases customer satisfaction through transparent processes!

🌐 Competitive advantages with real-time delivery tracking 

Trust is good, control is better! Our real-time tracking enables accurate delivery times, minimizes delays and promotes higher customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. The topic of “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)” is worth its weight in gold, especially in the service sector!

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