HYPERMOTION 2021 & FLEET - The industry get-together

"The Show Must Go On": HYPERMOTION Frankfurt 14.-16.9. & FLEET - The industry get-together September 15-16, 2021

The joy at trade fairs and personal discussions is clearly noticeable!

Lively interest and qualified specialists and executives at both trade fairs. Even the first conversations show the joy of live meetings.

The teams of AREALCONTROL GmbH and GlobalmatiX AG are split between Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. Already at halftime we can only report positively, apart from the corona tests, which were pleasantly negative ;-)

Solutions for brand-mixed fleets and "Remote OBD" will be presented. Hardware, feature sets or in German functional scope as well as the portal modules and settings can be configured for any industry focus. Quite simply, with a mouse click!

Whether car dealership 4.0 or a leasing/mobility organization or transport & logistics, construction/craft and service companies, the "building blocks" or modules are adapted to the application and requirements - at no additional cost.

Join the shows!


Messen Hypermotion und Flotte 2021