How Apps Support Supply-Chain-Management and Logistics

Supply chain management is now essential for survival and not just optimization!

The supply chain is the backbone of every company - regardless of size or industry.

All processes and procedures must be designed in such a way that the needs of the customers are satisfied. Here, the use of digital solutions supports process design within the supply chain. For example, the networking of logistical processes ensures more transparency in the supply and shipping chains. The delivery reliability, quality and flexibility as well as the level of service can be increased enormously as a result. But the end users in logistics also benefit from the digital solutions: These enable mobile working, reduce time expenditure and offer the possibility of accessing relevant data sources from anywhere.

Apps for supply chain management and logistics

While large companies often rely on individual, digital solutions, there are numerous apps for supply chain management (SCM) and logistics that smaller companies can also benefit from. SCM apps are often used in the following areas:

Route Planning

Route planning is one of the biggest challenges of fleet management. Plan faster and better, use the vehicle fleet more efficiently and produce less CO2 emissions are just a few of the goals set in logistics. Increasing stops, daily restrictions and tons of new data make manual route planning time-consuming and complicated. With a planning and navigation app, however, routes with truck restrictions, traffic disruptions and border crossing times can be easily planned. In addition, cost-optimized routes can be calculated, for example by determining routes without tolls. The head office also benefits from live traffic information.

Shipment Tracking

Using import functions, loads can be completely recorded, processed and supplemented with subsequent release for automatic disposition. The supply chain and delivery are monitored in real time and transmitted to all necessary recipients. With a scanner function and the option of capturing signatures, deliveries including a time stamp and geo-coordinates can be proven without a doubt. With the help of GPS tracking, the location and estimated time of arrival of the freight can also be identified in real time.

Warehouse Management

The main goal of any warehouse management is to minimize costs through optimized inventories and smooth processes while at the same time ensuring high availability of the relevant items for the customer. There are also apps for warehouse management that can be connected to the company's own ERP system. For example, inventories, inventory changes and demand forecasts can be easily determined and, thanks to the transparency provided, allow purchasing decisions to be made more cost-sensitively.

Order/Document Management

With apps, scheduling and order management can also be easily digitized in the company. Work processes are streamlined so that more orders can be processed per employee with better service. Central document management means that important documents can be viewed while on the move; Freight documents and the like are therefore always available, important documents cannot get lost.

Arealcontrol Spps Simplify SCM

Award-winning and innovative apps from Arealcontrol, such as B. the ArealPilot 360° app for the digital order and activity documentation or the ArealPilot 360° PartnerTMS bring complex work processes of the SCM to a handy format. With a modular structure and flexibly adaptable, they make it easier for transport and logistics companies, but also for construction and trade companies or courier and delivery services to get started with digitalization.

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