FOURKITES Supply Chain Visibility - AREALCONTROL connected

Digitization in transport / logistics requires an uninterrupted but controlled flow of data. Truck location and telematics are standard. The connection with FOURKITES went online in May.

Telematics with GPS location and tracking has been the driver in the digitization of many industries for decades, especially transport / logistics. Interfaces are mandatory so that processes, information and status flow smoothly and all those involved are informed in real time.

FOURKITES from Chicago / USA was integrated in May 2021. According to the GARTNER study, FOURKITES is one of the leading supply chain visibility solutions and will be the next unicorn to be traded. The AREALCONTROL telematics portal is now available for FOURKITES users, e.g. HENKEL, Düsseldorf or Coca-Cola.
The telematics users can grant or withdraw the approval of the position queries themselves in the portal. Operation is so easy that the "data channel" is open or closed within seconds.

The additional service is free of charge for AREALCONTROL transport / logistics customers. With this value-added service, we support the sustainable success of our users in the sense of long-term cooperation.


FOURKITES Supply Chain Visibility Lösung