Field Service is Experiencing a Revolutionary Development Thanks to AI.

Field service, i.e. all services outside the company's boundaries, is experiencing a revolutionary development thanks to AI.

The Challenge for Field Service Managers is to Coordinate Resources Effectively and this is where AI comes into play!

Our telematics solutions, which were originally focused on location, tracking and time recording, have evolved. 🚚

🛠️ Through innovative portal modules, we enable customers to import orders directly. These are then automatically scheduled using AI-supported tour and route planning and forwarded to the appropriate specialists.

➡️ The numbers speak for themselves: A forwarding company with 35 trucks in German-speaking countries and Italy would have saved an impressive 35% kilometers and gained 10% time thanks to our tour planning!

➡️ In a practical study with over 100 vehicles that travel to over 8,000 stations every month, the numbers show clear results: 300,000 km were traveled in March and June 2022. With our planning it would have only been 225,000 km - 25% less, while saving 10% time!

💰 In the world of field service, the money is on the street - or stays there.
Investments in AI-supported optimization pay off not only financially, but also in efficiency and time savings.

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