Digitization in logistics - advantages of innovative technologies

Increasing competition on the market and the associated pressure to be more efficient are increasing the pressure to digitize logistics. Among other things, innovative technologies promise optimized processes that result in time and cost savings and should thus strengthen competitiveness.

But where exactly does the potential lie and what advantages does digitization bring for transport and logistics?

Advantages of digitization for transport and logistics

The advantages of digitization in the transport and logistics industry are manifold. In addition to greater delivery reliability and a reduction in the increasing complexity in the process landscape, it is above all the higher speed of logistical processes that the industry benefits from.

Faster Pace In Supply Chain Management

In the field of logistics, supply chain management deals with the timing of logistical processes. Thanks to digitization and automation, even complicated and complex processes and procedures can be planned more smoothly. What used to only be possible with manual work is now done by software and machines. It doesn't matter whether it's the storage, provision or distribution of goods - digital solutions simplify logistics work.

Declining Costs Through Logistics Digitization

Another advantage of logistics digitization is the enormous cost savings. Because a digitized supply chain ensures efficiency and effectiveness: superfluous transports are avoided, delivery routes are optimized, capacities of delivery media are better utilized. Labor costs within the supply chain can thus be reduced. The resulting time and cost savings increase competitiveness.

Lower Vulnerability Of Digitized Logistics Chains

In the past, logistic processes were planned manually. To the best of our knowledge and belief and with a lot of experience, we tried to optimally design the supply chain. It is often not only time and the associated financial resources that are lost, but also the reliability of logistical processes. With the digitization of logistics, this susceptibility to errors can be reduced. The use of software solutions can optimize these processes without sacrificing quality.

Driving Sustainable Goals With Logistics Digitization

The logistics industry has also set itself the goal of improving its ecological footprint. By digitizing logistics, processes are optimized and thus lead to fewer empty runs and thus to lower exhaust emissions. But digitization can also contribute to environmental protection in the area of ​​document management: With digital document management, logistics companies reduce their own paper consumption and other consumables. Communication with employees can also be paperless and in real time using an employee app.


Logisticians of all sizes can and must take advantage of the advantages of digitization if they want to remain competitive in the long term. There are numerous starting points for logisticians to optimize processes and to make corporate structures leaner and simpler overall. Through the use of modern software, diverse aspects of logistics can be linked, which enables better evaluation and can lead to significant increases in efficiency.

Telematics For The Logistics Of Arealcontrol

Arealcontrol's telematics solutions support hundreds of medium-sized transport and logistics companies every day on their way to becoming digital companies: from GPS positioning, tracking, order management with digital PlanBoard and auto-dispatcher to fully automatic remote speedometer download and transport management system, an individual in-house solution can be designed in a modular manner. We would be happy to advise you too!


Digitalisierung Logistik
Digitalisierung Logistik