Buy GPS tracker for the car: real-time vehicle location

Today we use GPS navigation systems as a matter of course. Sooner or later, this will also be the case with GPS trackers, which enable vehicles to be precisely located in real time with little effort.

By locating the vehicle or fleet, special fleet data is collected with the help of software: users of GPS trackers get a precise insight into the driving times and know when, where and how their vehicles are used. The best prerequisite for efficient management of the vehicle fleet.

GPS tracking: vehicle location & more

Vehicle location via GPS tracker offers many advantages for fleet management. Fleet managers know where their drivers and freight are at all times. This not only enables them to react more quickly to unexpected situations, but also ensures that valuable company assets remain safe and in good condition.

In addition, positioning systems help to determine estimated arrival times and support drivers in route planning by pointing out traffic jams and possible alternative routes. In addition, tracking can be used to ensure that drivers comply with the driving time regulations, which stipulate the permissible number of uninterrupted working hours per shift.

In addition, drivers can use a tracking app to access real-time data relevant to them, such as driving behavior, routes, fuel consumption and much more. The head office can also communicate directly with their drivers and provide them with immediate support if necessary. In the event of a breakdown, for example, by looking at the vehicle's diagnostic information, the appropriate help can be organized and the resulting loss of time reduced to a minimum. The spatial monitoring of the vehicle fleet also minimizes the likelihood of theft. Because as soon as a vehicle enters or leaves a previously defined area or a specific geozone, an automatic alarm is triggered. GPS tracking also makes it much easier to find a vehicle or machine after it has been stolen.

The performance and utilization of a fleet and resources can be better assessed using the information obtained through GPS tracking. Special patterns and deviations in the everyday movement data of the vehicles can be recognized and intelligent improvement measures can be taken.

GPS tracking of vehicles: a profitable opportunity for companies

From an economic point of view, real-time vehicle tracking is a profitable opportunity for companies that operate a fleet – regardless of their size. It is child's play to optimize operational processes, minimize risks and reduce costs. – Mainly thanks to the connectivity and versatility of modern GPS trackers. The time-consuming manual reading of individual components such as the logbook, tachograph and driver cards for billing the services provided is now a thing of the past. It is only through the central storage and processing of the collected data in a protected cloud that it is ensured that the individual components become a comprehensive overall solution.

Arealcontrol's GPS tracking systems for vehicles, machines and goods without electricity

Arealcontrol offers GPS tracking systems for vehicles, machines and goods without electricity such as containers, bins, loading equipment and tools. Whether OBD tracker or telematics box with permanent installation - companies get the solution that suits their needs. Extensions can usually be made modularly via updates. The Arealcontrol telematics systems offer GPS positioning, vibration sensors, I/O connections and BLE capability (Bluetooth Low Energy), geo and time fencing and unlimited lane progression with corresponding reports in the portal.

Industry-specific IoT solutions with their own portals for controlling and monitoring machines, systems, building technology and the like can be integrated event-driven, e.g. as an IoT service order with subsequent automatic scheduling and mobile order dispatch to the service staff. Contact us!


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