AREALCONTROL GmbH wins German Telematics Award 2022

AREALCONTROL GmbH wins this year's German Telematics Award 2022 in the Apps category.

AREALCONTROL GmbH wins this year's German Telematics Award 2022 in the Apps category. In the running was the ArealPilot 360° App for Android, which has been fulfilling a wide range of processes and tasks in transport, logistics, time recording, scheduling and mobile order management since 2010. In short: mobile workforce management. Companies of all sizes can completely digitize industry-specific processes, activities, work plans and routes. The increases in efficiency are regularly in the double-digit percentage range. 12-25% time and cost savings have been achieved by many customers and users. The award, which has existed since 2010, is presented by the MKK media group under the direction of a highly qualified jury.

AREALCONTROL GmbH from Stuttgart has been in the competition regularly since 2010 and has been nominated each time. So far in 2010, 2011 and 2013 the victory could also be achieved. First time in the Apps category in 2010 when apps were only 2-3 years old. This year, the ArealPilot 360° Appentered the race. The app is also available in the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal and runs on all common ANDROID devices, whether industrial variants such as the ZEBRA brand or well-known manufacturers such as SAMSUNG with smartphones and tablets.
The special feature and probably uniqueness is the complete modularity and flexibility of the app, which is automatically synchronized with the client settings and process definitions (questionnaires) of the portal. This ranges from positioning, tracking, messaging and destination transfer in four different navigation systems to the completely digital delivery note (PoD - Proof of Delivery) with the signature of the recipient.
Google Maps, TomTom, CoPilot and GARMIN can be used for navigation, depending on the user's wishes and habits.
The ArealPilot 360° App can even be used in parcel logistics with barcode scanning. Barcode or package scanning is crucial, especially in logistics centers or warehouses with umpteen vehicles that have to be loaded precisely with the right packages. If the barcode or package is wrong, the error is immediately signaled to the person loading it with a warning tone.

The modular step concept includes

  1. Location, messaging, reporting, working hours
  2. Use of standard and self-defined activities
  3. Orders and activities that can be planned, integration of questionnaires (processes).

As a result, companies or operations can gradually lead their field service to completely digital processes. Evidence of service level agreements and improvements, working time and company-specific activity recording as well as complex route planning becomes child's play. IT and telematics solutions must be easy to use, but intelligent in the back end, especially for medium-sized companies in the transport, logistics, trade, construction and service sectors, because the goal is to make work easier through digitized processes and automation.
Around 22-24,000 orders are currently processed digitally via the platform every day. A total of 150 of the company's internal IT systems have been integrated to date. The added value and main benefit lies in the online and live availability of all business transactions that occur in the field, so that you can react quickly and in a timely manner in the middle of and during the event. Often before the occurrence of damage or adverse deviations from the daily schedule.

The AREALCONTROL portal is hosted in two DIN/EN/ISO 27001 certified data centers (Level / Tier 3), which are mirrored to each other. A portal availability of 99.984% per year is guaranteed. Converted, this means that the platform should be "down" for just 90 minutes.


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