Arealcontrol Becomes a Partner of a Stuttgart based Automobile Group

Arealcontrol applications meet the highest security standards, which has now been confirmed by Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Service GmbH (MBCS). Arealcontrol is now considered a partner here.

Stuttgart, August 2, 2022 - Arealcontrol GmbH, which specializes in software and hardware solutions for telematics, IoT applications and automation, has now become a partner of Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH (MBCS). The security and data protection standards of the company, which has won multiple product awards, had been thoroughly analyzed beforehand. As a partner and telematics provider, Arealcontrol can access its customers' vehicle data via an API/interface developed by MBCS and use it for telematics purposes. It is exclusively about data from company vehicles of Arealcontrol customers who have given their consent in accordance with the GDPR. Data protection and mutual control mechanisms were central components of the onboarding process.

This is of particular benefit to customers whose fleet consists partially or entirely of vehicles with the star. These companies can now use many of Arealcontrol's telematics solutions without installing additional hardware. An example of this is the electronic logbook, which documents every trip automatically and cannot be manipulated in a database system, as well as optional extensive vehicle park and fleet management. Arealcontrol can receive the necessary data for Mercedes vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 t via the API.

Arealcontrol's electronic logbook has been used by hundreds of companies since 2008 and is recognized by the tax office. The logbooks in large fleets and fleets can be created clearly, supplemented and saved as a PDF document for download. The recordings of all journeys can be conveniently managed in the online portal. Depending on income, tax rate and the list price of the company car, the tax savings from a logbook are between EUR 1,800 and more than EUR 5,000. A digital, electronic logbook is also a good basis for optimizing, digitizing and automating operational processes. With a view to changing mobility concepts in companies, the Arealcontrol telematics platform offers many options, from vehicles assigned to people, pool vehicles with a booking system to corporate car sharing.

Arealcontrol's range of solutions extends from automated time and performance records per vehicle, employee and location to electronic logbooks for pool fleets to solution packages from telematics, transport management and integration of ERP/CRM systems. Customers include transport, logistics, construction, trade and service companies as well as larger fleet operators from many industries.

As an independent subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Service GmbH develops digital, data-based products that help B2B customers from a wide variety of industries to optimize their processes and increase efficiency. The basis is the data from more than 100 measuring points, signals and driving commands inside and outside Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Arealcontrol wird Partner von Mercedes-Benz