Operator of an IoT platform for monitoring systems, machines or even breeding animals?

Extremely good! If you operate an IoT platform for monitoring systems, machines or even breeding animals

🐴 and have our own technology fleet for on-site service, we should definitely start talking!

🚚 Our solutions at AREALCOTROL offer you clear competitive advantages. We rely on sophisticated real-time delivery tracking. We significantly improve the service through precise ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Real-time tracking gives you accurate delivery times, minimizes delays and promotes higher customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships.

📡 With our real-time monitoring, you can keep track of the location, condition and performance of your vehicles, machines and equipment. GPS/GNSS and intelligent sensors enable efficient resource planning, optimized routes and lower operating costs. The immediate real-time updates in the telematics portal not only offer transparency, but also serve to prevent damage.

🛣️ Our tour optimization and route planning rely on precise telematics data to eliminate delays. In emergencies, the nearest team is informed quickly - a significant added value for you!

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